Friday, January 7, 2011

how's this for a segway?

Chris has been obsessed with riding a segway ever since it hit the market. I decided to finally fulfill his dream of riding one and scheduled us for a 3-hour segway tour during his birthday week extravaganza. Only problem was IT. WAS. EFFING. COLD.

Listen, I have lived in colder climates than D.C. Frankly I think DCists are big wimps when it comes to the cold weather. Have you ever walked to class in 12 degree weather while horizontal sleet spanks your face second by second?? I have. Have you ever trudged down Michigan Ave. knee deep in snow in the middle of a Chicago blizzard? I have. And I have lived to brag about it!

But for whatever reason, tooling around the Capitol on a Segway in 25 degree weather for 2.5 hours (we couldn't make the full 3) will go down as the coldest, most miserable experience of my life ...

And yet, knowing how happy this made Chris kept me going and even happy the whole time.

Watch the video -- it is hilarious.

Segway Ride Through the Mall from Jeannie Choi on Vimeo.


  1. this is deeply embarrassing. nevertheless, it was AWESOME!

  2. The reason I post this video will become clear at 1:13. This is you.