Thursday, June 30, 2011

more junip for you

there's something really sultry about this song ... sort of weird to describe a man singing as sultry, but it's more the music than his voice.

new friends

had dinner last night with some new friends. it's been a while since i've done that and i found myself pretty exhilerated by the conversation. it's fun to make new friends.

i also randomly met this lovely woman who's blog i've long admired.

but my most favorite new friend? monsieur grasshopper (at least I think he is a grasshopper). spotted him chillin' outside my office window for a good few hours.

i'm not much of a bug person, but i like him.

Monday, June 27, 2011

say hello to my little friends

mini anything makes me pretty happy these days. first, i long admired monsieur elephant and finally he is where he belongs, hanging off my neck. Also, my petite and beautiful blossoms finally bloomed on my lovely succulent.

hello mr. elephant

finally, they've bloomed!

morgan spurlock is shocked
by how fast my plant has grown.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

photo of the year

so amazing

jose gonzalez/junip

the jose gonzalez/junip show this past saturday was off the chizzain, minus one very large, obnoxious dancing woman standing next to chris and me for half the show. seriously ... i couldn't stand seeing her so i hid behind chris, using his body to block my view, and tried to keep my eyes on the stage. after a few songs i couldn't deal with it anymore and we decided to ditch our primo spot at the front of the crowd to move to the back. this proved to be a wise decision.

what's my drink you ask? black cherry soda of course.
jose, rockin' the fro ... rockin' the house

i think i'm slowly warming up to concerts again ... i just want to go to more and more and more

bon iver, holocene

beauty beauty beauty. wrap yourself in it.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


what did you eat today?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


no, not that kind. i wrote the cover story for my magazine's July issue on the methods, tactics, and tales of online organizing. if this interests you at all, click on over!

i asked my colleague to take this photo of me
so i could send it to my family :) so cheesy! haha.


when all seems lost, turn to family, and it's not.

me and the cousins. we be tight.


oh the babies!

intruded on a couple's romance time, but isn't the potomac so lovely?

Monday, June 13, 2011

so pretty i could cry


i spent all weekend with babies. honestly, babies are really cute and all, but they are sort of manic, bipolar, carnal little animals. you parents are really amazing. good job just making it through the day. seriously.

i was constantly, CONSTANTLY reminded of this video as i watched these babies eat, scream, cry, poop, laugh, roll, whimper, etc. etc. etc.,  wash, rinse, repeat.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

watch part II

hey did you know that there is this amazing place called the "suburb" where there are these big air conditioned buildings with stores in them called "malls" and in these "malls" there are these, like, carts that sell things, sort of like what we city folk call "food trucks," except these "trucks" sell stuff like face soap and hair straighteners and .... watch straps!

and these magical "carts" that sell these watch straps have amazing watch-wizards who can give you brand new leather straps for your poor cheapy target watch and they can install them within seconds!

did you know this?

i sure didn't, but thank God I have cousins who do.

the target watch good as new

renew, reuse, and recycle kids. that's the moral of the story.

Friday, June 10, 2011

watch out

i am watch obsessed these days. i bought this cheesy, fake brown leather watch at target before i left for jordan many moons ago because i needed to know the time without my cell phone. it is so cheap that the brown paint on the strap is coming off to reveal that it is not, in fact, leather, but some weird synthetic fabric. regardless, i wear this thing every day because i love wearing a watch!

one day, my old target watch will sputter and die. when that day comes ... what kind of watch should i get?

i was originally drawn to the mod-aesthetic of Swatch watches, but now I might be leaning more towards a classic Timex.

i like

so pretty. thoughts? i sort of like the one on the far left with brown leather and the middle with sage green ... hmmmmm ... 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

when i was a kid i wanted ....

... a lite brite, my little pony, and the maui barbie (because she had black hair and looked like me). I wanted to please my parents. A lot of these toys were kept from me because I didn't accomplish something that they wanted, like straight A's or passing a piano song or reading a book fast enough. I also wanted to hang out with friends more or attend sleepovers but couldn't. I wanted to be accepted by my schoolmates which was difficult because I was often forcibly kept at bay. I also wanted to be a journalist from the beginning. I originally wanted to be an anchorwoman, but thought I wasn't pretty enough so I went into writing.
i wrote this at work where we were led in a community-building exercise. We were given three writing prompts:
  1. when I was a kid i wanted ....
  2. when i think of the place i call home i ...
  3. when i think about my name i ....
we were to choose one of these prompts and write stream-of-consciousness style for 3 mins. Then we shared them with our groupmates. it was such a great exercise that I came home, invited Chris over for dinner, and did the same thing with him, just the two of us. you think you know someone after so many years, but we learned new things about each other through these little stories! now i want to do this with pretty much everyone in my life ... haha! so next time you and I hang out, be warned because I'm gonna bust out two sheets of paper, two pens, and a stopwatch ...

ok ... now i understand why i'm never invited to parties.

me on the left. how cute is uno's little mohawk!? haha.

Monday, June 6, 2011

present tense

chris and i spent the weekend in new york and i'm both glad and regretful. the city did not disappoint and i was pretty sad after coming back home. i'm sure i'll readjust and appreciate dc for what it is, but new york's siren song continues to tug at my heart. i look at chris and feel so sorry that he doesn't live there any more, but also so thankful that he was willing to leave all that new york has to offer to give our relationship a chance.

i took almost zero pictures, which is a good thing for me (maybe not for you, since this post will be mostly me rambling).

last thursday i went to a small book talk with brian mclaren where he was asked to share how he prays. he prays through a series of 12 words, with the first word being "here." as in, here i am. here is where i am right now. not 1 hour from now, or 10 years from now, but right now. here. he prays it to center himself in the present, to become aware of his surroundings and his current reality.

this was so provocative to me. i have spent my life ignoring the present while dwelling in the past and future, reminiscing about how things were and wishing for things to be different. but when am I ever just here?

walking around new york, I found myself praying over the word "here" all day long. here I am, walking down broadway. here I am getting a pedicure with joanna, laughing about our mutual misadventures. here I am sitting in a park with Chris. here I am eating the best damn bowl of ramen ever.

here. here. here.

so you can see why I didn't take any photos and came away happier for it.

the one photo i took of chris and me on the bus ride home

taken today: totally forgot about the existence of taffy
until a coworker offered me a piece. so good!

Friday, June 3, 2011


been stealing christophers' belt a lot these days

daily arsenal: coffee, ginger thins, strawberry gum, revlon lipgloss,
mcmc perfume in maui, bobbi brown concealer,  revlon cream shadow,
all natural insect repellent from AZ, rosebud salve, hi tec c pen.