Monday, June 6, 2011

present tense

chris and i spent the weekend in new york and i'm both glad and regretful. the city did not disappoint and i was pretty sad after coming back home. i'm sure i'll readjust and appreciate dc for what it is, but new york's siren song continues to tug at my heart. i look at chris and feel so sorry that he doesn't live there any more, but also so thankful that he was willing to leave all that new york has to offer to give our relationship a chance.

i took almost zero pictures, which is a good thing for me (maybe not for you, since this post will be mostly me rambling).

last thursday i went to a small book talk with brian mclaren where he was asked to share how he prays. he prays through a series of 12 words, with the first word being "here." as in, here i am. here is where i am right now. not 1 hour from now, or 10 years from now, but right now. here. he prays it to center himself in the present, to become aware of his surroundings and his current reality.

this was so provocative to me. i have spent my life ignoring the present while dwelling in the past and future, reminiscing about how things were and wishing for things to be different. but when am I ever just here?

walking around new york, I found myself praying over the word "here" all day long. here I am, walking down broadway. here I am getting a pedicure with joanna, laughing about our mutual misadventures. here I am sitting in a park with Chris. here I am eating the best damn bowl of ramen ever.

here. here. here.

so you can see why I didn't take any photos and came away happier for it.

the one photo i took of chris and me on the bus ride home

taken today: totally forgot about the existence of taffy
until a coworker offered me a piece. so good!

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  1. great post. your love story is such a good one. makes me smile.