Saturday, June 11, 2011

watch part II

hey did you know that there is this amazing place called the "suburb" where there are these big air conditioned buildings with stores in them called "malls" and in these "malls" there are these, like, carts that sell things, sort of like what we city folk call "food trucks," except these "trucks" sell stuff like face soap and hair straighteners and .... watch straps!

and these magical "carts" that sell these watch straps have amazing watch-wizards who can give you brand new leather straps for your poor cheapy target watch and they can install them within seconds!

did you know this?

i sure didn't, but thank God I have cousins who do.

the target watch good as new

renew, reuse, and recycle kids. that's the moral of the story.


  1. Did you know they can change your watch battery, too?

  2. did u know they have watch stores and watch wizards in the city too? :)