Friday, June 3, 2011


been stealing christophers' belt a lot these days

daily arsenal: coffee, ginger thins, strawberry gum, revlon lipgloss,
mcmc perfume in maui, bobbi brown concealer,  revlon cream shadow,
all natural insect repellent from AZ, rosebud salve, hi tec c pen.


  1. i dig the androgyny!

    i used to use that revlon cream shadow way back, i think? how do u like it?

    lastly. i love the mug! is it a personal mug u keep at work?

  2. i really like the revlon cream shadow! but my problem is i only like one color in that whole palette so i keep buying the palette over and over but throwing away the rest. so i'm thinking of trying to buy a single cream shadow in the same shade through a more high end make up line ... thoughts? I really like Nars cream shadow so I'm thinking of doing that.

    yes, the mug is my personal work mug! I love it too. it's polish pottery that I found at Marshall's! :) i'll keep an eye out for others and send you one if i can.