Monday, June 25, 2012

opinion poll: leather bow

yesterday, i picked up this leather bowtie hair clip at american apparel. is this too infantile for a 29.5 y/o lady to wear?

honest opinions appreciated. here it is in my hair.

i think it could work in the right environment. definitely would never wear it to work ... maybe just on the weekends. at the end of the day, who cares? I'll wear it because i like it, but i felt like i needed to throw in some frivolity on this blog since it's been a while :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

only in new york

At the corner, I felt a presence and turned around. The man with roses was walking toward me very fast. The rose heads bobbed up and down against his chest, and I thought of a dozen bareheaded babies. “I know you,” I heard him saying. “We’ve met.” 
I did not rule this out. I have lived in New York only three years but have had many memorable encounters with strangers. More than once, I have had the same taxi driver twice. The man stopped in front of me and stared into my eyes, as if trying to read my mind. Then his eyes brightened. “Did I write a poem for you?” he said. 
I stared back, searching my memory. A curtain lifted: Winter, 2009. Two in the morning. A snowstorm. I get out of a cab at Seventh and Christopher, and see a man on the corner. I give him the five bucks left from my cab fare. He thanks me but says he never takes something for nothing. All he can give me is a poem in return. He gives me a list of options ...
of course, you must read the whole thing.

slow it down

sometimes i move through life at a pretty fast clip, but some unexpected situations have forced a major slowdown in activities. chris sprained his ankle a month ago. the first week after the sprain, we tried to keep up with our regularly scheduled activities and had a pretty tough time. i felt bad for chris -- he was a good sport about everything, but i could tell he was in a lot of pain. so we've gotten used to doing little more than sitting around reading or going on really slow walks.

do you ever realize how fast we city folk walk?

whenever my sister visits, she is always complaining about how fast i walk. in fact, i injured her knee during her last visit because i was rushing us to catch a bus to the airport (sorry sister!). so what's with the hustle? I have no idea, but when chris's sprain was so bad he couldn't walk well, it was like torture trying to walk at his pace. when i finally got used to it, i was surprised by how many things i noticed -- a bird here, a piece of street art there. i probably would not have seen these while rush-rush-rushing to the next location.

patience is a virtue that yields a lot of gifts!

anyhow, one event i was really glad we kept on our calendar was going to the Feist concert at Strathmore. It was a really weird venue, in my opinion, but it was a lot of fun to hear Feist play. I saw her once before at the belly up tavern in san diego, long before she was made famous by that Apple commercial. her show was raw and simple, and she got the entire crowd to sing along with her.

the day after the strathmore concert, i was so enamored with her performance, and yet so disappointed by the shitty venue that I convinced Chris we needed to see her again. So we got tickets to her pittsburgh show in July!!! it should be a much rowdier crowd (pittsburgh being pittsburgh :)) and it will be an outdoor concert. (hopefully the sound is good). y'all can look forward to photos from that experience in the near future, but for now, here are some strathmore pics :)

me being an uber dork. how cool is this walkway though?

poor chris on crutches (in bokeh!)

strathmore: super cool for classical music, super lame for rock

chris puts on a brave face, but there is misery behind his eyes

feist and band ... she is my hero!