Friday, March 27, 2009


Do you guys like to bite? my sister and I love biting people. We are always asking our parents if we can bite them. They, of course, wonder how they could have spawned such freaks. But I can't help it! I love biting!

(photo courtesy of the chung)


It finally happened. I endured my first cold since moving to D.C. last June and got myself better in about 5 days. Thank God! Here's what it took:
- Nasal Spray
- Kimchee Chee Gae
- a LOT of herbal tea
- the humidifier running at all times
- the heater on at a low setting
- a tissue box wherever I went
- sleeping in unapologetically

I feel tons better now! I also had horrible lower back pain and had to drop out of my ten mile race that's supposed to happen next weekend. This week totally took me out of my training plan, and I was already behind, so even though I'm super disappointed, I think it was a wise decision. My goal is to run 10 miles on my own this spring. :)

I'm glad I was able to take care of myself, despite all the whining I did to le boyfriend.

Next week my cousins come into town to see the beautiful cherry blossoms! YESSSSSS!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009


That's what I used to call my sister when we were younger. Every time she didn't do the dishes, didn't vacuum, didn't help around the house, I would spit the accusation at her: "You brat!"

Today, I realized that I am a brat. Wow. A HUGE brat sometimes. The main recipient of my petulence? My main man.

Poor Chris. We got into a little debate over President Obama's faux pas re: special olympics and bowling on the Tonight Show, and I basically bullied him into publicly agreeing with me on a site that we post articles to called friendfeed. (plug!) He, of course, immediately posted a comment conceding a point of mine. What a guy. lol.

To his credit though, he is no punching bag. He can hold his own with me and I like that a lot about us. Past relationships have not been as lively and never have I felt more challenged to think deeper and more critically. Thanks buddy!

And from now on, I'll try to keep my inner Veruca a little more controlled.

**edit: Whoa! How cute is Veruca's dress though? :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


What I've been craving lately:

*sigh* I think it's time to visit socal again.
I remember going to pho hoa cali after church on Sundays and there'd be a huge table of like 15 of us all asking for more bean sprouts and limes and talking and eating and laughing. Those were some seriously GOOD times!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

today's oldies

I've been on the hunt for new music, and in searching for the new, I've turned to the old! I have a couple all-time favorites that I've been in love with since high school and i will go for months, years even, not listening to them, but when they find their way to my ipod, I am always happy. Today, while running at the gym, these two came on the playlist and I was so happy! I had forgotten about these oldies, but goodies.

Hov. How I love thee.

How has Jay Z managed to remain so damn cool? His classic album, in my opinion, is his MTV unplugged, featuring the Roots as his backup band. OH my gandhi. So good.

Fiona. I will name my firstborn after you, be it a girl or a boy.

Ever since Josh introduced her to me, I've been besotten with this woman. She spoke to me and continues to speak to me as I grow older. After my first break up, her songs resonated with newfound meaning. Her songs are like a panacea for the broken heart. Every album is good. If only she was less tempestuous and released more albums on a consistent basis. Waiting a decade for a new album is not fun for your fans, Fiona.

What oldies but goodies do you have on constant rotation?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

beautiful loungewear

Could there be such a thing? Indeed there is. Anyone who knows me knows I love pajamas and comfy clothes and lounging around in my little room with candles lit, reading, sipping tea, whilst listening to feist or bon iver or ray lamontagne. But who doesn't like that, right?

Anyway, I can't really afford luxe loungewear but wow, these are incredible! I'd love to be lounging around in these.

Yes please! They will cost a pretty penny though. Ah well ... maybe I will learn to nurse and rear a baby lamb, shear it's wool, turn it into cashmere yarn, and then knit these lovely knickers? Or maybe it's more economical (and sane) to simply purchase them here.

Also, I really enjoy the Sartorialist, but this is the first time a person he's shot has inspired me to try and express myself more through dress, not just by following what is trendy or in the stores, but by dressing for me! This girl just has so much personality in her outfit ... I really dig it. Particularly her buttery tan leather gloves. Amazing! (I guess it doesn't hurt that she's really pretty and built like a model. phooey!)

Thank you for indulging me my indulgences :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

san francisco

I took a quick whirlwind trip to San Francisco/Oakland/Davis to see a bunch of my dearest loved ones. Highlights: 6-hour flight with Chris, seeing Susan's world, eating at Chez Panisse (my life-long dream!), seeing old high school friends, spending quality time with my magnificent sister. All in all, it was a great weekend and I am grateful to all the people who made it lovely.

View of the golden gate bridge from Susan's secret spot

Uno and me. I look like such a dork and Uno is so cute! Oh well.


Love is an act of sedition, a revolt against reason, an uprising in the body politic, a private mutiny.

- Diane Ackerman,
A Natural History of Love

(image via le love)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Haaaaaave you met TED?

(ten points to the person who gets the reference of my title. Chris, you don't count)

Have you guys heard of TED? It is the most amazing conference of people who are considered movers and shakers in their respective industry circles. It does have a bit of an elitist angle to it--you have to apply to attend, and membership is something like $6,000 a year or something crazy like that. But the conference attracts brilliant speakers and the elitist nature of the conference makes it a hot ticket.

Thankfully, we esteemed patrons of the world wide web can access a lot of their wonderful lectures for the total price of $0. Yup. Online access is free! I've already watched several really fascinating lectures and highly recommend checking out Majora Carter, Elizabeth Gilbert, A.J. Jacobs, and Billy Graham.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Last night while I was about to doze off I was suddenly gripped with a very intense anxiety attack! These happen to me every once in a while and leave me paralyzed while simultaneously very jittery and crazy. I can't sleep and I stay up for a long time either pacing or tapping my fingers and wanting badly to go and run a couple miles or so. I can't ever figure out what brings these on but here are some theories:

1. muscle tension: I hold a lot of tension in my shoulders and I feel like the tension needs to be released but since I can't randomly ask coworkers or strangers for a massage (or can I? >:) ), and I have never gotten a professional massage, my body just starts to freak out from all the tension.

2. stress: work is a little intense right now but unlike my last job, I actually care to do really good work because I believe in the work that I'm doing. And so the work load is personal ... as in, I really want to do a good job.

3. spiritual: I think the house that I live in is not spiritually sound and every once in a while I feel oppressed. I don't know if that's what happened last night but I definitely get the heebie jeebies sometimes. I ask for your prayers in this regard. I want to move but I can't really afford anything else around here.

To combat my jitters I read more from Netherland, the book Chris and I are reading this month. It started out strong, but is getting to be way too meditative and sans narrative movement, which annoys me. We shall see how it ends. Our next book is Omnivore's Dilemma, which I am very excited about!

If it happens again tonight, I will turn on soothing music (such as the song below), pray, and maybe do some pilates ... off to go buy a yoga mat now :)