Thursday, March 12, 2009

beautiful loungewear

Could there be such a thing? Indeed there is. Anyone who knows me knows I love pajamas and comfy clothes and lounging around in my little room with candles lit, reading, sipping tea, whilst listening to feist or bon iver or ray lamontagne. But who doesn't like that, right?

Anyway, I can't really afford luxe loungewear but wow, these are incredible! I'd love to be lounging around in these.

Yes please! They will cost a pretty penny though. Ah well ... maybe I will learn to nurse and rear a baby lamb, shear it's wool, turn it into cashmere yarn, and then knit these lovely knickers? Or maybe it's more economical (and sane) to simply purchase them here.

Also, I really enjoy the Sartorialist, but this is the first time a person he's shot has inspired me to try and express myself more through dress, not just by following what is trendy or in the stores, but by dressing for me! This girl just has so much personality in her outfit ... I really dig it. Particularly her buttery tan leather gloves. Amazing! (I guess it doesn't hurt that she's really pretty and built like a model. phooey!)

Thank you for indulging me my indulgences :)