Friday, June 10, 2011

watch out

i am watch obsessed these days. i bought this cheesy, fake brown leather watch at target before i left for jordan many moons ago because i needed to know the time without my cell phone. it is so cheap that the brown paint on the strap is coming off to reveal that it is not, in fact, leather, but some weird synthetic fabric. regardless, i wear this thing every day because i love wearing a watch!

one day, my old target watch will sputter and die. when that day comes ... what kind of watch should i get?

i was originally drawn to the mod-aesthetic of Swatch watches, but now I might be leaning more towards a classic Timex.

i like

so pretty. thoughts? i sort of like the one on the far left with brown leather and the middle with sage green ... hmmmmm ... 

1 comment:

  1. i like the two brown straps. years ago i bought a simple coach watch with a thin brown leather strap and small rectangular face. i love it so much. it makes everything i wear 100X more mature/classic. the battery's down, but sometimes i still wear it so i can feel like i'm that much closer to making it on the burberry catalogue.