Tuesday, May 17, 2011


**first, i should say that several people have expressed concern for me because of my blog post from the weekend (the best was a text from my sister: "i read your blog. it was emo. you ok?") I assure you that despite the "emo" nature of my words, I was trying to end on a happy note. all is well in jeannie world! but thanks for your concern :)

So, on to my trivial question of the day: Do you fall prey to trends? I do -- like this whole coral craze. I have fully bought into it. friends who read my blog are constantly pointing out the coral I'm wearing, which is really funny because I was TRYING to subtly integrate the color into my day to day, but I guess posting about wearing coral and then wearing it is not such a subtle move.

what I canNOT pull off is the whole lipstick thing. everyone's like, ooooh try red lipstick! and i do and I look terrible. It might be because my lips are ridiculously small. When I'm not talking or smiling or eating, my lips look like a little blotch of pinkish flesh at the bottom of my face. Now imagine that blotch colored red, or burgundy, or muave. It doesn't work, right? RIGHT.

if you have this same problem, i have good news for you! I found a great colored Revlon lipgloss while I waited for Chris at a CVS before the Adele show. the trick with lip gloss is you have to find one that is pigmented enough so that it doesnt just end up clear when you apply it. I'd been burned by lip glosses before so I hesitated to purchase it, but it was on sale so I thought I'd give it a try and was pretty happy with the results.

and that, my friends, is my second most boring blog post ever. (here's the first)
to make this slightly more interesting, here are some photos for you.

my new spring sandals and my wide korean feet,
perfect for working in the fields, not so perfect for
wearing slim, strappy sandal.

the lipgloss in "coral reef" -- highly recommend it!

some semblance of color, yes?

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