Tuesday, May 24, 2011

more food

over the top meat buffets aside, i've had some pretty great meals lately. it's just inevitable because with spring comes good food -- everything is fresh, colorful, and delicious.

tacos for lunch last friday at pica taco

delicious! pork and fish

lunch another day: avocado, tomato, apple. sort of random, but super good.

made this over the weekend, go jeannie!

I'm also putting Alice Waters' books to good use and thought i'd recap her tips for the perfect salad for you all. (these directions are adapted from her "in the green kitchen" book.)

1. purchase local, organically grown leafy greens.
i bought arugula and mesclun salad mix at my
local farmer's market.

2. soak several handfuls of greens in a bowl full of cold water.
swish the greens around with your hands and then let them sit
 until the dirt settles to the bottom of the bowl.

3. skim the leaves off the top of the water and put into
a salad spinner (or colander).  whatever you use
(salad spinner, paper towels) get the leaves as dry as you can.
(the dressing won't stick to wet lettuce.)

4. once leaves are completely dry, dress them with a homemade dressing.
Alice recommends you use your hands so you don't crush
the leaves and so you can intuitively feel when you've used enough dressing.

et voila! super yummy and super simple. I love salad.
what have you been eating lately?


  1. homemade marinara. make and freeze small batches. have now used it for turkey-stuffed portobellos and eggplant parmesan. nummy!