Thursday, May 19, 2011

buffet club

some churches have running clubs, crafting clubs, book clubs ... my church has a buffet club.

the most recent place we patronized was a korean barbeque buffet in annandale where $16 per person will get you unlimited plates of raw beef. at first i was pretty into it. i am a beef girl through and through -- it's how i was raised -- so the thought of all you can eat beef really got my heart rate up (in a good way). I didn't eat much earlier in the day anticipating this glorious event.

but just 3 plates in, i swear i felt my arteries actively clogging. my breathing became heavier. i began to sweat. my head swam with the smells and images of roasting beef.

i had to set my chopsticks down.
i had to give up.

my fellow members looked disappointed. i'm really nervous about my membership status right now so, to make up for my weak attempt, here are some photos documenting the fun.

raw beauty

youngwoo, our grill master. this kid ate 7 plates.

salivating yet?

meat+soju=crazy fob behavior

edison and his shabu shabu

on a different day, chris and I found
the BEST ramen in DC -- it was awesome.

i'm a fatty. so sue me.
dear buffet club, i promise i will try and eat as much as possible at our next outing. please don't kick me out.


  1. You are too cute! You are not a fatty!!!

    Last night, I made steaks. Anytime I make beef at home (steaks, hamburgers) I think of the Choi family because that was a guaranteed part of any dinner at your house!!! :)