Saturday, May 14, 2011

for the first time

for some reason, this spring i am allergy free for the first time since moving to DC! i am still waiting for the other shoe to drop. I fully expect to wake up one morning with my eyes crusted over and my nasal passages completely blocked -- but until that fateful day, i am living it up!

these days, I just love being outdoors walking or biking, and i'm really enjoying the flowers and blossoming trees. I know I seem like a crazy plant lady, but here are some of the lovely flowers/plants i've seen lately.

my office succulent is blooming! i bought this
plant from a random guy on the street in philly.

i'll never use "pansy" as an insult again!
these are gorgeous (seen in someone's yard)

not sure what kind of flowers these are but they are pretty

my new succulent planter. I was not sure if I should buy it but i'm glad I did.

so pretty 
the end. no more plant/flower posts. I promise.

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