Saturday, October 15, 2011

Friday Fun: Ira. Necklaces. A Wedding Video.

once again I was delinquent on my friday links last week. so sorry to all 4 readers of my blog (me, chris, and then me, and then chris again). here are some good ones for you today.

ira ... is that you?

i'm really into necklaces these days.

i'm less suspicious of occupy wall street than I am of large advocacy groups trying to co-opt the movement to grow their email lists. regardless, this video is great (even if it IS from moveon)

so i'm trying to tweet more, but it's still a mystery to me. FB is definitely more my style (longform, visual, interactive).

maggie gyllenhaal looking so fresh and pretty

lastly, here's a little video i put together of joy's wedding reception using my heart-shaped lens :) enjoy!


  1. i want to be cute/married in a poofy hanbok too!

    i still want owl locket

  2. i love this video. i should've just taken the road trip to memphis to party with you guys!!! <3

    And, I totally support Morning Monster Bloggers! ;)