Wednesday, October 26, 2011

adventures of late

some of our latest adventures, in instagram form :)

we went to see les miserables last night!
I was happy as a clam, though chris had some
harsh critiques :) the musical kept me thinking
of the arab spring movement and how people
will do anything to be free.

our dear friends, erica and ryan. aren't they the cutest?

chris and i showed up to the kennedy center in matching gingham! haha!

what is it about gelato that gets my heart racing?

my new bracelet courtesy of minjoy! thanks guys :)

chris concentrates on his second love, Siri, at Teaism in Dupont Circle

an early birthday brats and beer cruise from Chris. it was a happy occasion!

chris stuffs his face

pretty bikes

my new hippo friend, brought back from a
colleague who visited Africa. I think this is a
Tanzanian hippo :)

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