Monday, February 14, 2011

i lurve you

dear sweet readers, i lurve you all. I don't know who reads this little blog-o-mine, but I appreciate it. hope you are having a great valentines and/or "anna howard shaw" day.

this weekend chris was taking a woodworking class in maryland so i flew solo and spent a good long saturday cleaning, laundering, and then browsing used bookstores with one of my bff's. then sunday was church and a long drive out to VA to visit my cousins and their newborn. I so appreciated time with my older cousin Tina -- we chatted, noshed on donuts, and played with baby G.

tonight i will feast with chris at the blue duck tavern, wowee!

as a gift, chris gave me his woodworking class project: a beautiful bookshelf. I think this is my most prized possession right now. It is so special.

so pretty, no? it's a combination of red oak and walnut

it's pretty from the back too -- this panel slides so you can put more books on if needed

my gift is super lame in comparison :( 
chris wins this year. haha.

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  1. Anne (from the Living Room)February 15, 2011 at 9:14 AM

    I read! Or, more accurately, I lurk. That little bookshelf is fabulous, btw. Go Chris.