Monday, February 7, 2011

d.c. disappoints/thrills

Chris and I are consistently disappointed with D.C.'s food options. each time we try and brave a new restaurant we walk away shaking our heads at the high price and subpar meal, while trying to be as optimistic as we can ... "at least the server was nice?" ... "yeah ... and ... the water was cold?"

thing is, we are NOT foodies by any means. the best meal we indulged in recently was a quick pit-stop at mcdonald's. i twiddled my fingers with glee waiting for the light-blue cardboard box that housed my perfectly fried fillet-o-fish. chris downed two cheeseburgers and fries. it was awesome.

so, no. we are not foodies. 

but I cannot STAND paying a lot and not getting much in return. this is not a grievance with portion size. this is a grievance with bad ingredients and microwaved entrees (here's looking at you tonic, taste of india, rice, and radius). when this happens, chris and I have the same convo: we are not picky eaters, but this is just crossing the line. and then we immediately go on yelp to see what other folks have said about these places, hehe :)

knowing this, i've realized that it is absolutely necessary to only go to restaurants that come highly recommended by friends with palates you can trust. case in point: on friday night we went to a random indian place (let's be adventurous!, we thought foolishly) and the food was not so good. on saturday morning we went to 2 Amy's (which comes highly recommended by just about everyone and their moms) and the food was awwwwwesome.

2 Amys

oh yes
so there you have it folks. word of mouth is TRUTH!

here is a list of some of the best places i've tried in D.C.(VA/MD):
perry'seatonvillepasta miathe sourcemoby dick'spica tacopho 14four sistersren's ramen (temporarily closed!), and many others.

**p.s. 2 Amy's makes donuts on weekends that will rock your world. They only make one batch, so go early.

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  1. i went through a foodie phase, where i wanted to try the latest and greatest, regardless of the price tag.

    i think i love this phase in my life. there is less need for experimenting, with food, friends, activities. sometimes it's good to stick with what u know.