Wednesday, February 2, 2011

here's watsup

Lots of fun, food, family, and friends in my life these days -- but I feel myself growing homesick for my sister and my parents. Why do I live so far from them?  I have no idear.

I'm thankful for my "urban family" though. Community is important -- I learn that more and more as I get older. while in new york last weekend, I met up with some old college friends I have not seen in a while. it was delightful. when i think of them i smile so big that i feel it in my insides, as if my heart itself was curling up at the edges. thank you lord for bringing such good, kind, generous, lovely people into my life.

ok, enough sap. here's what's been goin's on these days:

cousins jennifer, tina, tom, and baby G at the Suns Wizards game! ohana!

metachris! at the ymca, on a break during one of our epic squash matches.

stuck in the snow in central park!

eskimo chris in time square -- almost fell over in the
middle of the street to capture this moment.

Uncle Chris and superbaby Caralyn
Chris and me after Billy Elliot!

To come: **hopefully** a video of Chris and me playing squash! and a how-to hair tutorial. I've discovered this fantastic method of creating perfectly wavy (but not too curly) hair. have i ever told you that my secret desire is to be a hair stylist? if this whole editor thing doesn't work out, i'm totally going to beauty school. in the meantime, perhaps I can share my amateur hair knowledge with you all?

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  1. aw, i love this post for so many reasons. i totally get you missing your fam and wondering why you live so far away. sighs.

    some comments on the pic of us: um...G is STILL yellow. I look old. and tom's hand on hip thing is weird.

    you and chris are too cute.

    and, i want to sing "beauty school dropout" for you now.

    that is all.

    oh, and i love you. :)