Wednesday, February 2, 2011

far east movement

here's the thing about far east movement ... their music is so-so, but i appreciate how they challenge stereotypes about asians. their videos show asians drinking, partying, being "sexy," etc. I say, good for them. goes to show that no matter what your race, there are the nerdy, conventional folks, AND the rebellious, partying folks.

i went to college with a pretty substantial asian-american student population and we ranged the full gamut -- nerds, churchy folks, partiers, druggees, math majors (here's lookin' at you chung), writing majors (me! i suck at math), computer scientists, artists, dancers, etc. etc. etc. sometimes people ask me questions (is it true that asians *blank*?) and I want to shake them: WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME! just like you are not all the same.

at the same time, there are some asians who fully live up to every stereotype there is about asians. So be it, because freedom from racism is freedom to be whoever the hell you want to be.

so, thanks far east movement. like i said, i think their music is so so, but i like this one. enjoy watching asians (and lots of other folks) live it up.


  1. they can attribute their popularity/success to sound fx. but then again, so can black eyed peas, and nobody's stopping them.

    i like this video. captures everything i <3 about l.a.