Thursday, December 9, 2010

washington, schmashington!

**warning: crude, angry, but completely justified rant. hide your dogs, hide your kids**

Ladies and gentlemen, my friend, Dan Ra:
"1. republicans are assholes for wanting tax cuts for the wealthy when it ADDS to deficit. i thought they were all about fiscal solvency
2. liberals are asswipes for not understanding that obama HAS to compromise to get those tax cuts for middle class americans, which ADDS to the deficit. but tax cuts do add to economic growth in the SHORT term. there's absolutely no long term gain for tax cuts for middle class.
3. fuck the senate for pulling the DREAM act
4. screw government for never thinking long term health of america, and always wanting short-term political points"
Frankly, I couldn't have said it better myself.

today was the kind of day in washington that breaks my heart
so many inconceivable pitches and falls
and the whole time i find myself asking, am i on the right side?
i think it's a healthy question, but always a scary one to ask yourself.

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