Tuesday, December 7, 2010

i need you like cooked food

there's been a lot of good eating in my life lately, as is always the case during the holidays. this year i decided to finally get over my fear of chicken and invited a few friends over for my first roast chicken.

let me be honest with you -- i was scerred. i kept mentally pumping myself up all day before the big roast. i re-read jamie oliver's recipe over and over and tried to walk myself through the steps one by one. then when it came time to go grocery shopping, i think my nerves created a mental block because i bought everything BUT THE CHICKEN! haha. i returned to the store, picked out my bird, and home I went to tackle the beast.

despite my nerves, the chicken turned out awesome. the hardest part was rinsing it out and rubbing it with salt and pepper -- with a whole chicken, you really get the sense that this was a living, breathing animal. there were some near-upchuck moments there, but i pulled it together. i felt a bit of a sentimental connection with the bird. thanks, bird, for providing some good eats for me and my friends.

without further ado, photos from the meal which included homemade bread, roasted potatoes, mac n cheese, a pear/prosciutto/arugula salad, delicious brussels sprouts provided by elizabeth d. r., and ice cream sandwiches for dessert (with homemade cookies of course)!

hello pretty bird!

chris carves as scott looks on

this bread never fails me

the complete meal, yum.

love the chocolate on the fingers Scott.

elizabeth and me savoring some after dinner tea

the monumental event required a group photo!

[editors' note: I cannot post photos of the apartment without acknowledging Cassie -- I hope this doesn't make you sad dear! we talked about you often as we noted all the things you left for me to use! we miss you.]


  1. nice work, choi.

    jeannie kept telling me for several days afterward that she misses the chicken. she forged a bond with it when she was "massaging its little shoulders."


  2. that bread is amazing. send me recipes plz!

  3. Awwwww!!! First thought, I want to cry and be back in the apartment! Second thought, I heart all four of you and wish I could have been there!