Wednesday, December 1, 2010

jamie oliver, my new love

I like Jamie Oliver for his simple recipes, laid-back approach to cooking, and cute interactions with his children. His accent is rather cheeky too! What is it about British accents that makes even the phrase "pig's bum" sound lovely? Do Brits admire American accents? Probably not. (BTW I do a great British accent -- great because it's terrible and makes Chris laugh until he cries.)

Found this video via the Frolic blog and thought it was just so great. Looking forward to making Christmas pancakes for my family -- I don't really like pancakes, but my family does. So I will make them. And these are so simple! 1 cup bread flour, 1 cup milk, 1 egg, any add in you'd like, some butter in the pan, fry fry fry, serve serve serve. Thanks Jamie (and girls)!

I'm also interested in trying his roast chicken and chicken in milk recipes, which I've heard are pretty great!

In other news, my dream of visiting Joshua Tree is finally coming true! The Choi Clan will be going this December, before Christmas. It is so exciting folks ... my family is the greatest and we will have such fun in the desert. I'm looking forward to taking lots of photos so stay tuned :)

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