Wednesday, November 24, 2010

storm king!

a couple of weeks ago, Chris and I found ourselves at a huge 500-acre sculpture garden in upstate new york called storm king. Chris had visited several times while on field trips growing up but i'd never even heard about it until recently.

at the visitor's center i read that the founder created storm king because he wanted to make a sculpture that resembled a pad of butter melting down the side of a hill. his vision never came to fruition, thank goodness, but what is there today is pretty phenomenal!

We also had some fun in NYC that very weekend. Here's a big photo dump for you.

Chris before leaving DC. Fall is the best.

storm king!


I guess I have a thing for feathers

Waves, Maya Lin

walking, talking

such an unusual rock, i had to take a photo with it

so cheesy.

Niloo got her citizenship! We celebrated in NY style.

lady liberty, illuminating the world

these people right here? I love them.

morning brunch at Eataly!


  1. Here's the one I mentioned earlier:

    Clothespin sculpture by Turkish artist Mehmet Ali Uysal - Park Chaudfontaine, Belgium.