Monday, November 8, 2010

free to question

Did you catch Jon Stewart's interview with the president two weeks ago? It was sort of uncomfortable for me to watch such direct confrontation. Stewart openly questioned the president on the first two years of his first term and the president did not seem too happy about it. At one point, President Obama directly disagreed with Stewart for saying the health care reform bill was watered down, and rather than backing down, Stewart continued to press the president for further explanation/clarification on why he thought the bill was strong. Progress comes in steps, was Obama's response.

Aside from coming away with a better understanding of how Obama views his presidency thus far, I found myself really proud to be an American (cue the country twang) ... where at least I know I'm free! Just kidding. But seriously ... there aren't a lot of countries in the world today where a television host can so freely and openly question the authority, leadership, and wisdom of their president in front of a huge television audience. There was no threat of execution, no need for formalities or ceremony ... just honest questions, semi-honest (if rambling) answers, and the freedom and ease to tell a few jokes, and even call the president, "dude."

I think that's pretty great.

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