Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rally Rally Rally!

Here are some photos from the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. All in all, it was a pretty fun day -- lots of good laughs, friendly crowds, and interesting signs. Afterward, Chris and I made tacos which were OK but I think we can make them better. Have you ever made tacos? We tried to make steak tacos and the meat was pretty dry ... I think we will have more success with chicken.

Recently I've tried recipes that are pretty common but that I've been too afraid to try: tacos, chili, and kimchi chiggae. All dishes were a success! Which leads me to believe that trying new things is the spice of life and that I should spice up my life more often. I tend to have a lot of fear and anxiety around doing things for the first time -- but as we learned at the rally, fear just leads to a giant puppet of Stephen Colbert melting on stage, while sanity gets to sing with Cat Stevens ...

... I guess you had to be there :)

(Chris and Cliff on the way to the Rally. Don't they look alike, and yet not at all?)
(Orderly pandemonium on the metro)

(Chris will be angry, but I couldn't find any other decent photos of me so too bad. It's my blog!)

(Not true!)

(If there's anything to legitimately fear, it's bed bugs!)
(The tacos look good, but the meat was dry. Time for trial numero dos!)

(Here's a nice photo of Chris to make up for the one before)
(I look pissed bc I had just gotten a mosquito bite on my hand. Those bastards!)


  1. you guys are too cute. try marinating the meat overnight. it's easier to make dry chicken than it is to make dry steak. :)

  2. dude. do u know my heart just broke a little?

    here's a trick: marinate meats in hoison sauce overnight. instant tastiness!!!

  3. Or marinate in beer. But only for an hour or so. Very tender meet.

  4. PS - so sad to have missed the rally. Some of the signs I saw online were HYSTERICAL!