Friday, November 5, 2010

my hair

now for something totally frivolous (hey, it's Friday. Friday is Frivolity Day, in my opinion).

my hair -- it is big, unruly, dry, and thick. I can never get it exactly the way I want. Also, when I have short hair, I always want long, luscious locks; and when I have long hair, I can't wait to chop it off.

I am trying to grow it out to donate again, but it finally got disgusting enough to warrant a haircut. too many dollars later, here it is:

I dont know -- are expensive haircuts worth it? I mean, I like it ... but I miss the $35 supercuts days. My cousin Tina has a korean lady who will cut for $35, but I always have trouble explaining what I want to korean hairstylists and they generally do whatever they want anyways.

ah well -- I'll just have to force this one to last me another 6 months.

where do you get your hair cut? Do you think it's worth forking over $50+ bones?

also, have I ever told you that my secret desire is to be a hairstylist? If this whole editor thing doesn't work out for me, I might seriously consider going to beauty school. then I could cut my own hair ... and yours!


  1. hey that looks really good. i think the $ was worth it in this case. me, i prefer $15 haircuts in chinatown. =)

  2. You have great hair!