Friday, April 16, 2010


My entire family is obsessed with writing implements. At our house in Temecula, every where you go you can find buckets of pens and pencils. Dig through them and you're sure to find some winners because we go through different kinds of pens like fads: there was the pilot era, then the cross pens (big hit with my dad, even to this day), then the gel pens (the glitter ink was a revolution for my sister and me), and don't get me started on mechanical pencils. I still remember how proud I was to debut my new mechanical pencil which released the led every time you shook it. No more clicking the butt of the eraser. All I had to do was shake, shake, shake, and I was ready to go. And when one of us finds a great pen, we buy three more and disperse them to the others.

When I discovered Pilot Hi-Tec-C's ... it was game over for all of us. It's no-fuss, utilitarian design, razor sharp point, and perfect ink consistency makes this the paragon of all pens. Alas, they are not sold in the United States and can only be found in stores in Asia. But thanks to the world wide web, you can order them here.

Furthermore, they have the best color selection I've ever seen. When I was in Korea two years ago, I stood in front of a Hi-Tec-C display mesmerized by the number of shades I could choose from. I think I ended up buying 12, right then and there. Right now, I am drooling over these two, olive and venet ... lovely!:

(proofing with my magenta Hi Tec C)

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  1. i like pens too. my favorite are pens with a .7mm point, not a .5 or .3. i guess i have a heavy hand and so need something a bit duller to keep the pen from gliding too fast?