Friday, April 30, 2010


As much as I enjoy looking at fashion blogs, lately I've been feeling like people look way too costume-y. Maybe we are all just trying too damn hard to look too damn special.

... know what I mean? No disrespect to these ladies--they are very lovely. But sometimes a t-shirt and jeans is just so refreshing. I also often wonder about the men in these ladies' lives ... Chris is always chastising me for wearing shoes that are pretty, but completely impractical for walking around. The one day I wore running shoes with jeans because I knew we would be walking A LOT, I was miserable and Chris was happy. So when these girls are putting on their big pink head bow and buttoning up their ball gowns before heading out for groceries, do their boyfriends shake their heads in dismay? Probably not, but one has to wonder ....


  1. hey! when we went to the US Open and you brought out your sneaks, you were happy as a duck walking around for 8 hours in the heat. climbing bleachers, stairs, navigating the churning sea of people. and jeannie fails to mention... last weekend in NY she rolled her ankle three times while we were out and about! that's just not right.

  2. #1 a little over the top. #2 not so much.

  3. i'm thinking fashion is mostly play when it's breached what is the simple purpose of wearing clothes just to cover ourselves. and i don't mean "play" in a demeaning, childish way. what i mean is that it's our outward expression and reflection of the choices that suit us at the time. assuming that we have the luxury of having options beyond what's given to us, our choices that we make as it relates to apparel shows something about us - whether it is that we feel we should be more functional and simple or we feel we want to now be completely gaudy or costume-y. that decision making process is made by everybody, whether fashion means anything to them or not. it's, actually, really fascinating once i start to thinking about it in terms of sociological theory. (oh my goodness. i need to stop this now.)

    but yes, i agree. t-shirt and jeans (and flip flops) will always be my favorite combo.