Wednesday, April 21, 2010

kelly green/navy blue. get into it.

My friend John Kim is the king of fashion. Back in college, he would announce the newest trend and close with the definitive statement: "Get into it."

Big hair. Get into it.
Pinstripes. Get into it.
Skinny jeans. Get into it.

He now designs for Anne Klein. Every time we meet up for a meal in New York I always anticipate those first few seconds when he walks into the room because his outfits are so delightful :) Anyway, at the risk of seeming like I'm trying too hard to be him, I'd like to make my own declaration: Green and Navy. Get into it. Whenever I see these two colors together, the synapses in my brain immediately start snapping.

(Spool No. 27 dress, so cute!)

(I snagged this great little jacket at Target. Get into it. Literally.)

(John and me. He's so fierce!)

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