Tuesday, January 27, 2009

snow day = happy day

I woke up this morning to go to the gym, walked out my door, and saw this!

Finally, at the end of January, D.C., gets its first real snow! Damn you Al Gore and your global warming. Kidding, don't kill the messenger, right? But seriously folks, I've been waiting for this first snow for too long.

You see, dear readers, though I am from California, I am an east coast girl at heart. I despise warm weather, humidity can kiss my butt, and going to the beach? meh ... not that great. Give me a snowy winter wonderland any day! I immediately phoned Chris (who was fast asleep, eek! Sorry dude!) and upon hearing his mumbled "mmmhellooogrhgjkafhhr," I sang, "Wal-king in a win-ter wonderlannnddd ..." Thankfully, he laughed, rather than getting mad at me :)

Anyway, here are some more pics for your viewing pleasure.

Some birds resting on a lamp post outside my office window

Remembrances of spring:
dried strawberry flowers on my office windowsill,
still perfect in the dead of winter!

Work buddies Kaitlin and Zab admiring the snow

On such a cold day, I took solace in ... what else? ... my coffee mug :)

What surprised you today?

1 comment:

  1. beautiful. i would love to go sledding with you. i saw the kiddies sledding this weekend when i drove back to yorktown, past Downing Park with its seemingly 45-degree slope and its acres and acres of snow, the kids scrambling back to the top in their boots just to do it over again and again and again.

    of course, i'd also dump you in the snow, just because.

    what surprised me? how quickly a cough can sneak up on you. i want a ricola.