Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hi, folks

Right, so here is another blog for me to work on. It's insane to think how many online obligations I have now that the world of print publishing is going down the drain and everything has moved online. Half my days I spend twittering my brains out ... it's kind of bizarre. In any case, I decided that I should have my own blog because I need to write for me and for my friends and my family, and not for the organization I work for or for a group blog that caters to this demographic or that demographic. There's a place for that kind of work, and then there's this. VintageJeannie. Something I hope to look back on years down the line and think ... well, that's who I was on January 13, 2009. And hopefully be able to track the progress I've made and shake my head in amazement at all the good and bad things God will have done to make me the person I become.

Here's to new endeavors begun with intention, inspiration, and curiosity!

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  1. i'm glad another jeannie blog has arrived on the scene. can't wait to read!