Tuesday, January 27, 2009

heart swells

This past weekend, Chris and I had the pleasure of visiting the Hyun family in Forest Hills, Queens, NY. The Hyun family consists of Peter--dad, lawyer, thinker, joker extraordinaire; Jenny--supermom, artist, photographer, and happy homemaker extraordinaire; and Eli--son, baby, cutie, and pooper extraordinaire. They are a lovely family, and Eli is a truly extraordinary boy and I love him more and more each time I meet him in his newest bodily iterations ... in other words, the kid grows fast! Wowzah!

Here are some photos of me and the little boogar.

I <3 Eli

*yawn* Adults are so boring

hehe! Such a cutie!


  1. eli is SOOO cute...and PS, so is your haircut! Love it more each time I see it!

  2. Thanks lady! I was actually having a really bad hair day lol. But it's one of those haircuts that look OK when it's all messy.

    I miss thee, and think about your house hunt every day :)

  3. eli looks cute, and so does your hair! i really like your hair, actually. good job.

    eli, you are endlessly captionable.

  4. thanks for the post! eli loves you... he doesn't usually fall asleep in people's arms, but he did in yours :) glad he has you in his life. i will never forget your "instincts" moment. lol.