Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ex Files

I had an interesting conversation with a friend over gchat yesterday who had gone through a bad breakup about half a year ago. "I wish my ex wasn't such a curse," he said. That's a sad thought. "I wish I didn't have an ex." Well so do I. I also wish my boyfriend didn't have an ex.

The curse of the ex. Why does it loom over our heads so? Why does it make for uncomfortable conversations? And how is it that it doesn't bother some people at all? A friend told me about how she once told her new boyfriend that her ex boyfriend had emailed and he perked up: "oh! what did he say?" If only I were so pure of heart and motive. Instead, I want to throw his computer on the floor and dismantle the entire world wide web. An appearance from the green-eyed monster is harmless and normal in relationships, but how do you keep it from becoming the incredible hulk?

I have yet to figure that out :(

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