Wednesday, March 7, 2012

people, places, things

this past weekend, chris and I headed up to new york to celebrate my friend joanna's 30th birthday, see some friends, visit the empire state building, go to a tennis match ... yeah, we were busy.

i don't know, sometimes our trips to new york are so packed that it feels like work, but i realize that is sort of a "white whine" -- oh boo hoo, poor us, have to have too much fun in new york. eye roll. I know we're lucky, and when i look back at these photos, my heart swells with thankfulness: i'm thankful for friends, for chris, for all nyc has to offer.

christopher at the christopher st. station

according to this subway mosaic, john wayne
was some sort of peace activist/freedom fighter.
can anyone verify this fact?

my gorgeous friends joanna and eric.
joanna can be seen in this commercial
with mariah carey. she is basically a super star :)

joe and niloo, the greatest couple i know!

after almost 2 years of holding onto our
tickets, we finally visited the Empire State Building.
what a view, right?

it was crazy cold and my teeth nearly froze while posing for this photo

chris looking on

can you figure out how we took this photo? :)

chris looked up an image of what our view would
have looked like if the twin towers were still standing. slightly morbid.

on our drive back to DC, we stopped at
Mitsuwa, a japanese grocery store in NJ.
The food court was incredible!

my amazing lunch! I definitely splurged on the calorie count here :)

chris's lunch

these pastries were baked on site and
are filled with creme and red bean. yummy!

kissy fishy!


  1. other highlights:

    watching federer/roddick play at madison square garden (thanks jeannie!); church + brunch + knicks heartbreaker + more food with Karin, Norm and John;

    and my favorite highlight, capping off a mundane weekday lunch meeting with Elliott at Whole Foods with an insider's tour of the 10th floor of 7 World Trade, where we could see Silverstein Properties' full-scale model of its plan for the World Trade Center and get an incredible view of the construction sites of the Freedom Tower as well as World Trades 2, 3 and 4. Amazing!

    Wow, that was a lot of stuff.

    But, i'm tired.

  2. Sounds amazing!!! Chris, what's your review of Roger/Andy at MSG? Hopefully JC won't consider this spam on her blog.

  3. hey sheldon!

    it was really fun. we had good seats (elevated, a decent angle) and so we could really get a decent sense of the speed of the ball. roddick crushed his serve often, and sometimes when federer had to lunge for it you could see the force of the serve snap federer's racquet back on contact with the return. watching it all live it's a wonder he even had the reflexes, let alone the coordination and timing, to put that little racquet head on the ball and chip it back into play.

    i got the sense that although roddick was the more jocular of the two (federer barely said anything while roddick frequently talked and shouted back at playful hecklers -- "take off your shirt, andy!!" one screamed; "YOU first!" came his reply), he was also definitely more interested in competing hard than federer, who really has nothing to prove. roddick is lifetime 2-21 vs. federer so i think any opportunity he has to try to take a set off him, he welcomes.

    federer played well, but sometimes just loose or a little less carefully. he charged the net a lot, sometimes was loose with his groundies, but overall it was awesome to watch.

    in the end, roddick had won 7-5, 7-6 and in the on-court interview he showed his that sporting humor that people like about him. asked about the match by an interviewer, he told the audience, "clearly I'm completely in [federer's] head and he has no clue how to play me, and everyone knows it. he also can't play in pressure situations, as you just witnessed in that tiebreak." federer laughed, as did the rest of the crowd.