Friday, March 16, 2012

can't knock the hustle

there's a lot going on these days between working, making future plans, doing some freelance writing, and trying to stay on top of personal and spiritual care. I woke up this morning and saw my messy room in the light of day and couldn't really handle it so i spent 30 minutes cleaning, which made me 45 minutes late to work, which left me 15 minutes to do some emails before I snuck into a closet to do an interview for a freelance article due thursday, which I will have to turn in on monday. such is life!

which brings me back to my thoughts on fullness vs. deprivation/ happiness vs. sorrow. when our lives are full of joy, passion, activity, "fulfillment," if you will -- then it goes without saying that time can feel limited. how do we fill up our lives without overfilling?

I also wonder about "the hustle." there are so many people out there who hustle to achieve something every minute of every day and I am in awe. i don't have an entrepreneurial bone in my body, so when I work in an industry that increasingly emphasizes "branding yourself," I wonder -- am I cut out for this? can I "hustle?"

that's when i realize i can't make myself someone i'm not. i'm not a brand maven, but i like talking with people and learning about them and writing their stories for others. that's my hustle. what's yours?


  1. build your brand by writing great stories. almost done!

  2. OMG--I can SO RELATE to this, Jeannie! I feel like everyone around me, especially in NYC, is hustling...and now that I feel settled & happy in my job I start to wonder: "Am I being productive enough?" People here don't seem to be content...EVER. I'd like to's exhausting if you're constantly going to the next best thing. When is it time to stop and smell the roses?

  3. I hear ya Joanna -- it is exhausting! but I gotta say lady, i think you are one amazing person who has accomplished so much at 30 years old. You're doing just FINE! you deserve a chance to smell the roses :)