Wednesday, February 29, 2012

new york, lite?

i am the queen of excuses, especially when it comes to exercise: I'm too tired; it's not light enough out; now it's too bright out; oops it's too dark out; my feet hurt; i'm having an existential crisis; i need to go to target like, right now!; etc. etc. etc. they go on and on and chris has probably heard all of them.

so now with this new diet venture, I've suddenly landed on my first possible excuse for foregoing this whole healthy eating plan: i'm going to new york this weekend! what am I going to do?!

As an ardent reader of new york-based publications, (nytimes, new york magazine, the new yorker, various ny lifestyle blogs), i have a large bank of restaurants that i want to visit every time we are in the city. Chris happens to be a big lover of cheap eats and also has a lengthy queue of places (old and new) that he wants to hit up. so basically, every trip to new york descends into a big fatfest. (see here, and here, and here.)

this time around, I'm longing to visit parm and our old japanese ramen and curry standby -- and I always have to get a little bit of gelato.

in short, i'm screwed.

but I wonder ... maybe I can just splurge for one meal a day, and eat salads for the other meals. Is that the best way to distribute caloric intake? Or, would it be wise to eat well in each restaurant, but just moderate the portion size, as Amber suggested in my last post?

in any case, I don't want to build in any excuses, or do the classic, "I'm on vacation so I'll eat what I want" thing.

this is for real, people.


  1. I think the most important thing to remember when losing weight is to still live a normal life. What are your non-negotiables? I had a sweet treat every night (smaller pieces of cake, popcorn, one square of the chocolate bar instead of 5) and never gave up alcohol. My real life diet will include a glass of wine a day, so why not my diet life?

    Trips can be difficult, but I think portion control is key for losing and maintaining, so that's what I would continue to suggest, but new york is new york and you have to live all of it and that includes great food...but also lots of walking!

    I wouldn't treat this diet as a phase or a life altering choice, you're just scaling back and finding a new normal.

    P.S. splurges every now and then make it exciting!

  2. such a good reminder, thank you Amber. It's true that this needs to be a sustainable change in my life.

  3. eat eat eat... jk.

    i agree with amber. we can do the thing where we eye how much is the right amount, and then just say, ok, that's it. done!

    plus, you can look forward to the next meal, which is inevitably just two hours away anyway...

    and we will walk as much as possible too, so that's good. if you want we can RUN, which will get you about 100 calories a mile.

    finally, if you fall off the wagon for a couple of days, i think it's OK. it's about a long-term view and patience, right?