Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jen Turns 30!

My cousin is, in many respects, my oldest friend -- my friend even before my sister came along, since Jen and I are just 9.5 months apart. Well, my oldest friend Jen turned 30 years old a few weekends ago and she threw the best kind of party: She basically gathered all of her favorite people (minus one sick nephew) and ate all her favorite foods, including guacamole, bonchon chicken, homemade bread, pad see ew, italian deli sandwiches, lots of delicious desserts, berries, and yuengling and sangria to drink.

What a fabulous idea, right?

guac, bread, fruits

beautiful berries galore

birthday girl Jennifer and her older sister Tina

me and jen!

everyone waiting to eat the delicious chicken

celebrate 30!

i love you my cousin!
Thanks Jennifer for being my friend for all these years and for letting me cease calling you "older sister" when we were kids -- being friends is a lot more fun anyway. I love you!

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