Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Fun: Reading Rainbow. Robots. Rain Jackets.

Thank the good lord it's Friday, am I right? I missed my Friday links round up last week -- so sorry folks. Here it is a little early today so you can enjoy it while you are NOT working :) (everyone knows friday at work is a wash anyways.)

  • I really loved this NYTimes  story and video about a reporter who moved his family from New York to Russia. Makes you appreciate what immigrants (my parents!) go through.
  • This video really broke my heart for the church. There is no love here.
  • Terry Gross does it again in this compelling interview with Ali Soufan, former FBI agent and interrogator.
  • These photos are helping fan the flames of my love for Seattle.
  • makeup psa: get this product for your face right now. it makes everything prettier. (pretti-ER because you are pretty already)
  • tonight i will dine with friends on lobster!
  • this rain jacket has changed my life (on sale, of course). did you know it is possible to walk through a rainstorm without an umbrella and stay dry? i do now!
  • it would please me immensely if you read some of my work at the Bread Blog.

missing these ladies today

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