Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Fun: Bomblardy

here are some weird but brilliant (according to me) ideas i've had in the last 24 hours:
1. i would like to get one of those mortar and pestal contraptions that people use to make tableside guacamole at restaurants ... you know what i'm talking about?
2. i am going to write a poem entitled, "I am a Liberal ... Sort Of"
3. i would like to start a tumblr entitled "Free Bag Fetish" in which I take surreptitious photos of all the free conference bags I see people carrying around on the metro
4. i should just send terry gross and email and be like, hey terry, i am your biggest fan, want to hang out?
5. i'm going to get a minicouper zipcar just to ride around in it! I want to know what it feels like to drive one of those cutie pies!
what do you guys think? am i a) insane; b) brilliant; c) in need of counseling?

I don't have a full links round up for you because I have only one link to share, but I think this link might change your life. I admit, I am prone to hyperbole. But this ... I am not exaggerating the importance of listening to this beautiful, heartbreaking interview with Maurice Sendak, the children's author who most famously wrote Where the Wild Things Are. This interview is astounding.

I hope you will listen.

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