Thursday, September 22, 2011

the big chop

i did it you guys. I cut off all my hair. Usually I'm not that disturbed by drastic haircuts, but this time I am a little shocked every time i look in a mirror. it's shorter than I thought it would be ... I guess I thought I'd grown it out more than I had, so I was sort of expecting this mid-neck bob. Also, I asked for "not an a-line" but I think my hairdresser thought I said, "an a-line" ....

it's not ... TERRIBLE. but it's not what I pictured.

I'll post a photo soon enough, but for now, let's just think happy thoughts about other things.

i tried these on in new york and they were awesome,
but so was their price. awesomely inflated. 

this is the best nail polish color ever.

the office premiers tonight!

Lastly, I got the best email today from my friend Joanna. When we met up in New York, I gave her a satchel of lavendar that I'd picked up at a random farmer's market on my way to meet her for brunch. today she wrote:

That's what it's all about, folks :)

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  1. i think it looks good. alas.

    also, that is an amazing office promo. hahahah