Thursday, August 4, 2011

simple, clean

you get older and life gets more complicated. I have had to make some big life-change decisions lately and it's been tough, I'm not gonna lie! Sometimes I wake up and wonder, did I make a mistake? Am I making bad decisions? Am I ruining my life, one bad choice after another?

i've been longing for more simple pleasures these days. maybe it's a coping mechanism, but i've found solace in limiting my options, taking time for myself, taking time to have conversations with people, and seeing beyond the complex decisions of the day/week/month, and living in the present. 

i've also been challenged to start a detox called "the Clean diet" with a friend of mine. this month-long challenge basically eliminates all complex/processed foods and limits you to eating simple, fresh meals every single day. i'm on day 4 and it's been pretty fun so far! I still have a long way to go, so i'll keep you updated on my progress. i feel really good, and i don't feel bloated or weighed down. i've also been battling some eczema lately so i'm hoping that this helps my skin clear up too. finger's crossed!

today's outfit, simple enough!

my snacks a few days ago: raw cashews, crispy kale, nectarine, green tea.

the simplest, truest joy: baby grant!

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  1. i'm so intrigued by your new diet! did you throw out all of your processed foods? the more i read about stuff about food, the more i think a simple, fresh food lifestyle is in order!