Wednesday, August 17, 2011

how to change your life in 15 days

1. hit a wall. "a wall" is generally exhibited through depression; unhealthy explosions of frustration; seething anger at people you used to call friends; overeating; watching endless hours of tv due to your inability to cope with the rest of your life; retail therapy at every hard bump in the road while telling yourself, 'this-and-this is so bad, i deserve this!' Nay, dear friend. You deserve MORE than a new sweater!
2. identify your unhappiness (in my case, not doing what I loved, overworking, not feeling good about my health, feeling confused about my future, etc.)
3. ask for help. Call everyone you trust, tell them about your unhappiness, ask for advice. LISTEN and learn.
4. believe you deserve more! better! and go after it, whatever IT might be. go after the health. go after the new job. go after the renewed relationships. go after it with all you've got.
5. go through the painful process of change. this might be the worst, most laborious step. change is the pits. change means discomfort, which means vulnerability, which means potential humiliation. but if you come out of the other side of change, you'll start to reap the benefits -- the benefits of adventure. excitement. challenge. inspiration. growth. and so much more.
6. enjoy the process. life is a weird, funky, absurd, blessed, happy road. I am thankful to be walking it.

recent signs of change (and life!) these past 15 days:

the cleanse diet continues to challenge me, but I have
certainly had some wonderful meals these past few weeks. Here
is a photo of a delicious spring salad with a simple
olive oil, lemon juice, agave nectar dressing. I added some
roasted cashews for crunch.
A complete cleanse-friendly meal: quinoa pasta with
pesto, broiled mahi mahi,  and the spring salad.

the biggest change of all: I left my job. It
was a tough decision, but ultimately I think it was
a good move for me. I was sad to leave
my dear friends and colleagues (and my beautiful office!), but
I am ready for the next challenge :)

my new office this week! I have the week off
and it has been glorious. I've gone to a water
park, sleept in, and read at coffee shops.
praise the lord for vacation!

I'd been eyeing a watch like this for a while,
and was so excited to find it for super cheap!

chris and I traded in my old bike (too heavy!)
for this one. Isn't she a beaut? I love it and feel liberated to ride
anywhere I want. 


  1. lots of changes in the last couple of weeks. excited for monday. are you???

  2. also, i very much enjoyed the wordier and thoughtfulness of this post. keep it up choi.

  3. Way to inspired your readers, J. Choi! With love, KJ