Wednesday, August 17, 2011

hello darkness

the one thing i've craved most during this cleanse is coffee. I am DYING for a cup of sweet, milky, delicious, dark coffee. Alas, caffeine is a big no no on the cleanse so I'm doing my best to resist -- never mind the fact that any glimpse of coffee-related paraphernalia -- the coffee tins at whole foods; photos of dark beans -- or the whiff of fresh grounds while walking past the open door of a coffee-shop sends me spiraling into despair.

since I can't enjoy my favorite summer treat, cold-brewed iced coffee, I thought I'd share this simple recipe with you. I even took photos to demonstrate, cause I'm nice like that. you're welcome.

take 1/3 cup of delicious beautiful coffee grounds.

pour grounds into 1 1/2 cups of cold water

stir slowly, just enough to incorporate
the grounds with the water. don't overstir.

like so

cover with saran wrap and let stand overnight
the next day, strain through a coffee filter. add ice, milk, and sweetener (i prefer agave nectar). ENJOY. PLEASE FOR MY SAKE ENJOY IT.

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  1. dude i miss this stuff. so good. get off this diet so i can have some again. lol