Tuesday, March 1, 2011

real genteel

Charlotte, North Carolina is a lovely city and we had a great time checking it out, if only for a few days. We visited a famous fish taco place, tried some Bojangles fried chicken, and visited the Billy Graham Library.

Actually, the Graham library was a dud, in my opinion. If anything, it proved to me that old ideas of evangelism simply won't cut it today. Everything seemed earnest, but superficial, out of touch, and worthy of parody ... which is disappointing since I think Billy Graham is a remarkable person. (Watch his TED talk on technology, faith, and suffering; it brought me to tears.)

OK, enough rambling. i know you're thinking, get to the photos already!

(cabo fish tacos, as seen on the food network with that annoying guy)

(they were a little too saucy, but good!)

(billy graham museum. yes folks, that's a giant barn with a cross)

(the graham family homeplace in nearly perfect condition)

(chris adjusts his glasses asking, am I really seeing this?)

(the exhibit opens with Bessie, the talking animatronic cow. video footage of this to come.
can you read my smile here? it's half saying, this is funny, half asking, seriously? seriously?)
(my favorite part of the exhibit: ruth bell graham's bible from
when she was a teenager growing up as an MK in China.
I encourage you to click the photo to see the details!)

(bojangles! it was truly delicious)

(off we go to the wedding! see the box of nutter butters? nutter butters rock)

(the gorgeous couple)

(a carnegie mellon reunion! we all lived/worked in the same dorm)

(and we danced the night away!)

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