Wednesday, March 9, 2011

lisa ling gets it right

there are some elements of your past that you can't really leave behind, whether you want to or not. this weekend i was confronted by a part of my past that i hadn't thought much about until now: growing up in a charismatic church.

for me, faith healing was a huge part of church and a foundational aspect of the way i perceived God. over the years i shed those practices, not necessarily because i rejected them, but simply because i learned other ways  to experience my faith. i am definitely conflicted about some of the things i experienced growing up so it was a welcome surprise when i found this video via a friend on facebook.

lisa ling attends a faith healing church conference for three days and interviews the leaders, students, and participants. journalists doing stories on faith healers/charismatics is nothing new, but ling's treatment of the subject (with respect, unbaised openness, and a healthy dose of skepticism) is the best I've seen thus far. 

I encourage you to spend 45 minutes to watch the episode.

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  1. the episode is fantastic. I watched it a few weeks ago and found an internal struggle as well. But I was so thankful for Lisa Ling's honesty in reporting.