Tuesday, October 5, 2010

playing tennis

Jeannie and Chris Play Tennis from Jeannie Choi on Vimeo.

On Saturday, after buying my new Canon S95 in preparation for my trip to Jordan, Chris and I decided to play some tennis and bring my camera onto the court. It was cold, rainy, and blustery, but we had a great time playing. Chris, being the pro that he is, was able to play and shoot footage from his perspective. As you can see, I am a terrible tennis player. But thankfully, Chris is an excellent tennis teacher.


  1. i believe the maniacal laughter in the beginning was due to giddiness at playing and recording at the same time. that was fun.

  2. Scott can play me without thinking - well, I guess he runs after the ball a lot...

  3. Chris is so encouraging! "Nice", "C'mon Jeannie". What a guy! :) Let's all play when I come out to visit!