Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's a Mad Men Halloween

Having been raised conservative evangelical, dressing up for Halloween was never really allowed. I was always going to "Hallelujah" nights at church and the only costumes we were allowed to wear were biblical ones. I was Queen Esther one year and Jesus another year. Uno was a Bible, a Christian soldier (with the belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, etc.), and Noah's Ark. So funny!

So, this was my first year really dressing up for Halloween -- and it was a fun night! A bunch of us dressed up as characters from Mad Men. I was Trudy Campbell and Chris played Ken Cosgrove -- we pretended that the two were having an affair behind Pete Campbell's back. (we need to send that idea to Matthew Weiner.)

I have to say, we all looked stupendous.

My wifey and me as Peggy and Trudy

Don and Peggy (Tim and Cassie)

Snookie and Kwoww (Allison and Kierra, you ladies looked awesome)

Aw shucks!

Snookie, meet Ken.

Betty, Peggy, Trudy (Amber, Cassie, Me)

A final (fake-ish) smoke to end the night -- in true '60s fashion

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