Monday, September 27, 2010

sporadic posting due to unsustainable living

life has been a hectic whirlwind of activity which promises not to die down until ... ooooooh the holidays are over. this weekend was spent in New York celebrating my friend Sam's wedding. I am still haunted by some of the beautiful images from this weekend: sam's face when he saw his sister coming down the aisle as a bridesmaid; sam's face as he saw his bride, veronica (even i could not hold back the tears! she was stunning); sam's dad as he officiated the wedding and served communion; the ridiculously beautiful guests as they all danced salsa and meringue, while us less-coordinated races (read: asians) sat to the side nodding to the beat. It was seriously beautiful, see for yourself.

(Sam races down the aisle, high-fiving guests towards the finish line)

(How handsome is my friend?? Sam cannot hold back the excitement as
Veronica enters the room, his grandma and mother look on.)

(The beautiful couple at the altar. Behind them you can see communion ready to be served.
I had the distinct honor of singing a lovely Spanish worship song during communion.
I was blessed to play a part in their special day!)

In other news, I continue to be obsessed with Wicked. Here are photos of me on our bus ride back to D.C. singing along with the soundtrack -- I'm pretty sure I am singing "What is this Feeling?"

(I will gladly endure a long bus ride back to D.C. as long as I have my Wicked soundtrack!)

Here I am at the Target $1 section where I found some Halloween garb that allowed me to dress up like Elpheba. "Chris, Chris!" I exclaimed. "Take a photo of me as Elpheba!" He reluctantly agreed, to which I posed and declared, "No one mourns the wicked!"


  1. re: the wedding - it was really beautiful. and the part that jeannie left out is that her singing caused many attending the event to break down into tears, the bride and groom included. i was so in awe of it all that i forgot to take video... but i think something like that was best left unrecorded.

    re: elphaba. jeannie, you are a nut.

  2. hee heee heee - best laugh I've had all day. Thanks Elphaba! - Elizabeth