Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Colbert the Catholic

By now you should have seen this soon-to-be iconic video clip of Stephen Colbert testifying before the Senate about the importance of migrant worker's rights. If you haven't watched the clip, you must. It's stunning to hear Colbert state so clearly the biblical gospel mandate to serve the "least of these."

Imagine my glee when I found (via Andrew Sullivan) this clip from 2008 of Colbert commenting so fluently on the problem of evil, origins of hell, and character and nature of God (watch to the end).

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"I TEACH Sunday school, motherf*cker."
LOL! Classic. That belongs on a T-shirt.
Another good line: "You send yourself to hell. God doesn't send you to hell." Preach!

I cannot wait to go to Colbert and Stewart's rally in D.C. Wheeeeee!

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