Thursday, March 18, 2010

went home, worked on bikes

I went home this past weekend to visit family. It was a really good time for the most part! Uno bought two bikes off of craigslist for $20 each and we worked on fixing them up together. It was sort of hard at first, but after the first bike, you feel like you can fix any bike pretty easily. My dad kept saying, you girls made $100 today ... which is kind of true. If we had dropped the bikes off at a bike shop to get it fixed, it would have cost us $100, or probably more!

Here are some photos of us in perfect SoCal weather, using our elbow grease and riding our hard work :)
**Isn't my sister such a ham? I love her :)


  1. You are the freakin coolest.

  2. did you ever fix the bars? they were all... crrazy.

  3. you guys are the cutest family after ours. haha, jk. you guys are so cute.

  4. your house!!! i miss it. i miss you.